Abhyangam (Uzhichil) Treatment

Ayurvedic & Panchakarma Treatment Center in Delhi, India

Abhyangam Uzhichil Treatment at Santhigram Kerala Ayurveda - Ayurvedic Wellness Center in India

Oil Massage with medicated oils to rejuvenate the body and strengthen all the tissues to help achieve ideal health and longevity.

Benefits of Abhyangam:

  • helps tone muscles
  • improves circulation
  • increases the skin’s luster – making you appear younger
  • rejuvenates the body and strengthens all the tissues to help achieve ideal health and longevity
  • increases primary vitality (Ojas) and resistance
  • beneficial to the eyes
  • helps you have a good night’s sleep
  • effective in reducing the symptoms of rheumatism
  • can help control fat
  • reduces sagging skin
  • reduces stress

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