Abhayangam – The Effective Oil Massage Therapy

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Abhayangam the Effective Oil Massage Therapy - Blog by Santhigram Kerala Ayurveda

Abhyangam – meaning oil massage in Sanskrit – is an effective therapy for conditioning of body in ancient Ayurveda. The oils for massage are extracted from vegetable oils that are infused with ayurvedic herbs.

Abhyangam has therapeutic significance including an increase in the production of white blood corpuscles & antibodies, providing protection against viruses and diseases. Abhyangam increases body immunity against environmental changes resulting in strong defense mechanism.

The effectiveness of Abhyangam is manifold:

A massage session for spine, feet and head with herbal oils like sesame, mustard or almond oil massage rejuvenates body and increases muscle strength. According to Ayurveda view, human body constitutes of seven tissue ingredients – Dhatu. Massage therapy energizes and nourishes these seven Dhatus. It delays the aging effect and keeps you energetic for longer duration.

Relieves Fatigue
Fatigue – caused by physical and mental strain – affects the muscles and results in tensions. An ayurvedic massage that includes rubbing, patting and squeezing gently with/without herbal oils relives muscles and removes fatigue.

Betters Eyesight
Abhyangam massage of spine, neck and head regularly is effective for improving eyesight. It is prescribed for people who have weak sight or are suffering from different eye related problems.

Induces sleep
Abhyangam massage especially of head and feet has positive effects on sleeplessness, insomnia or restlessness during night. The oils used for the massage are from pumpkin seeds. Brahmi oil can also be used.

Improves Skin Health
Massage with oil can be used to cure dry skin – initial sign of disturbed Vata in the body. Massage therapy makes your skin smooth and shine.

Resistance to injuries & fast healing
Regular herbal body massage helps you recover from a physical injury or fracture faster than the person who is not having a massage therapy. It also relieves stiffness bringing relief from muscular aches & pain, lower back pain and spinal disorders.