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Autum Winter Detox Rituals - Blog by Santhigram Kerala Ayurveda

Every season alters our body in a different way , when the sun shines bright or the winds blow light : our body copes and responds to it as a method to survive. A healthy individual is someone who will be able to gauge it and change and alter his eating , dressing and lifestlye accordingly . Ayurveda is the bible by which healthy living is made possible and a perfect autum –winter ayurvedic ritual is adoptable in any corner of the world .

Must do autum winter rituals .

  1. Autumn winter is the season when pitta dosha is out of balance. It is the perfect season to find your closest vaidya and schedule your virechana detox . After a routine snehapanam and purge our liver and gut feels fresh and new.
  2. Blood letting is a perfect autumn winter routine.This seems difficult, but a routine blood donation during this season is a healthy habit to follow.
  3. Routine abhyangam with pitta vatahara oils will maintain skin, joint and hair health. Seasameoil and castor oil mixed in equal quantities can be warmed and used for massage everyday before a warm bath .
  4. Applying warming pastes like agaru , or simple bathing scrub with moong bean powder, turmeric and milk is also adviceable.
  5. As a part of lifestyle acharyas advice us to stay covered, warm , and perform moderate exercises.
  6. Diet adviced, is sweet , unctous food, that is rich but consumed in moderation to avoid viciation of the digestive fire. Warm meals that do not viciate pitta should be followed. Use of milk milkproducts in moderation is adviceable.
  7. Consume herbs like , Amla (indian gooseberry), Guduchi (tinospora cordifolia), kalamegh , ghee processed with pittahara herbs like mahathiktaka gritham or patoladi gritham. These herbs and routine will keep you winter ready , and will help you keep winter infections at bay .
  8. Acharyas advice warm and moist environment in winters, so use of heaters and humidifiers will be ideal.


With these guidelines , winter is wonderland. So Eat , Drink and be Merry the ayurvedic way this winter.

Ambalakshmy Prabhakar
Santhigram Kerala Ayurveda.